Sick of covering up? Skeptical about dangerous and expensive prescription medications?

Dear Friends,

Have you been suffering with unsightly nail fungus? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Toenail fungus is something that affects millions of people worldwide and is extremely difficult to get rid of. And while it’s not a life threatening ailment, it can negatively impact your self esteem, your physical appearance, and your ability to participate in activities you could otherwise enjoy.

Have you found yourself:
  • Avoiding pools, beaches, and other places that could expose your nail fungus?
  • Wearing shoes rather than sandals in the summer to hide your problem?
  • Spending hours filing, painting, and covering your UGLY nails?

As someone who suffered with toenail fungus for over 10 years, I know how it feels to be stuck with this ugly problem. I used to go to great lengths to avoid letting people see my toes.

At the beach I'd keep me feet dug in the sand to keep people from seeing my hideous 'secret'. During summer I’d always wear shoes instead of sandals because I couldn’t stand people looking at my toes. Since I was a little kid my nails were always like this, and I just assumed they always would be. An ugly, yellow, crumbling mess.

But it’s not just me. Nail fungus is something that affects as many as 35 million people, just in America. If you have this condition, I feel your pain. I know all about the anxiety and embarrassment that comes from this annoying problem.

toenail fungus

I don’t know exactly how or when I contracted this nasty fungus. But I do know that I was in my late twenties when I finally rid myself of it, and I had previously had it as long as I could remember. Toenail fungus, left untreated, can live for decades!

Your Ugly Nail Fungus Isn't Going Away

And while nail fungus typically doesn’t cause any major health problems itself, many of the medical treatments prescribed by doctors do!

After years of hiding the problem and putting it off, I finally went to visit my doctor. He easily diagnosed me with nail fungus, which didn’t surprise me. Unfortunately, he also informed me that it would take up to a year of daily prescription medication just to get rid of it! Are you kidding me!?

Taking medication for a year isn't exactly my idea of a good time, but I was willing to do it to get rid of this problem. But what he told me next really threw me back…

"We're going to need to do some blood work before we begin treatment."

Why do you need my blood!? It's just nail fungus!

Turns out these medications are very hard on your liver, kidneys, and other organs. You're not recommended to drink while using the medication and it is not allowed for pregnant or nursing women. This doesn’t exactly sound like something I want to be putting in my body

Some of the possible side effects of this medication:

Stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and cramping
Severe allergic reactions (rashes, hives, swelling, etc)
Kidney damage!
Symptoms of lupus!
Red, blistered, or peeling of the skin

Symptoms of liver damage (dark urine, loss of appetite, yellowing of skin)!

Loss of taste

Honestly, with a side effect list like this I’m surprised there hasn’t been a recall and class action lawsuit yet.

So now I’m looking at multiple doctor visits, multiple blood tests, potential liver damage... and did I mention the medication can cost almost a thousand dollars for a full course of treatment! Sorry, but I think...

I'd Rather Have the Nail Fungus!

For reasons like this, many people who suffer from nail fungus simply choose to live with it, because the risk-to-benefit of the harsh treatment is simply
not worth it.

It’s at this point that people typically turn to the web in search of a miracle cure. Unfortunately, most of the info out there is ridiculous, and some of it
downright dangerous. At best, you’re looking at throwing your money away on expensive snake oil products that give spotty results at best.

If you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably noticed that just about every site you see will recommend one of three products:
    • Purnail
    • Funginix
    • Zeta Clear
But look a little closer and you’ll notice that the vast majority of these websites are being paid to promote these products and are making commissions off of the sales! Those ‘unbiased’ review sites? Sorry, but that’s not at all the case. If you want to know how effective these products really are, take a look at some of the reviews on They are less than stellar.

So with treatments sometimes taking
a year or more to see results, and these OTC products costing $50/bottle or more, are you really willing to put in that kind of time and money into something that most likely DOESN’T WORK?

Most people aren’t.

That’s when they go the home remedy route as a last ditch effort. There are dozens if not hundreds of products and remedies touted online... But do any of them actually work?

Take a look for yourself and you’ll find that there is no real agreement on what actually works.  For every remedy out there you’ll find some people claiming they've found the cure, but there are just as many if not more calling their bluff.

Those who do see any results from these over the counter products typically have been using them for months at a time. But then sure enough, as soon as they stop, the fungus comes right back.

The primary problem is that most topical products are just that,
topical.  Nail fungus lives under the nail in the nail bed, and most of these remedies and products simply can't reach it.  On top of that, if you don’t get rid of the fungus COMPLETELY, even the tiniest remaining amount will eventually spread and re-infect the whole nail in no time.

Quit Throwing Away Time and Money

With these products you're going to see spotty results at best, and you're going to be doing daily treatments for 6 months straight or more! Then finally, right when you think you're home free, it comes right back even faster than it went.

Like many people, I've personally tried DOZENS of products and remedies and never got rid of the problem. I went to multiple doctors, but none of them had an answer for me. They just wanted to put me on expensive medications with truckloads of negative side effects.

I eventually just gave up and came to terms with the fact that I was going to have this forever... what a crummy feeling.

Then finally one Saturday afternoon, years later, I met my friend Cathy at friend’s barbecue. Cathy is a holistic physician, which immediately sparked my attention. I'm really not into alternative medicine, but I figured I had nothing to lose, and decided it couldn’t hurt to ask her about my little nail fungus problem. She nearly burst into laughter when she saw how distraught I was.

Cathy had come across this problem countless times in her career, and then, as if it were nothing, went on to reveal to me a painfully simple routine she had used to rid her patients of nail fungus quickly, safely, and without any harmful medications.

My Jaw Hit the Floor When I Found How Easy It Is

It seemed too good to be true, I didn’t believe her. But now… here I am, nail fungus free for over
5 years, all thanks to this one easy little system.

Best of all, there are:
  • No dangerous side effects
  • No expensive medications
  • No doctor visits

I'm talking about FAST, effective, and systemic removal of nail fungus from your body. This fungus removal plan attacks onychomycosis from every angle and annihilates it quickly. We're talking weeks... not months, or years!

This was completely unlike any other product or remedy I had seen and was so simple I couldn't believe it would work. But sure enough, after years of disappointment, my nail fungus problem went away, for good!
After seeing the amazing results
; I absolutely had to get this system out there so that others who shared my problem could finally be free of nail fungus.

I've compiled Cathy’s quick and easy nail fungus removal routine into an
easy to follow, step by step program that shows you EXACTLY how to get rid your nasty nail fungus problem permanently. There’s no guesswork, I’m showing you the exact same process Cathy used to rid me and countless others of nail fungus quickly and permanently.

The best part? This method will get the job done
FASTER and CHEAPER than any other treatment option available, including prescriptions!

Using this simple treatment program, you can:

Wear sandals and open toed shoes with confidence.

Stop worrying about others staring at your nails!

Enjoy a carefree day at the beach!

Stop wasting time and money covering up the problem!

Avoid unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects!

Get rid of your nail fungus FAST!

nail fungus cure

Quit Waiting Around... Kill Your Nail Fungus Now!

toenail fungus cure

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I've had nail fungus for YEARS and I always thought it would eventually go away on its own… guess not.  I tried a few of those the over the counter products as well but the fungus always came back. I decided to give your program a shot, and all I can say is... wow! It really was that easy.

-Amy, Las Vegas, NV

"You Delivered!"

After suffering with nail fungus for over 5 years I finally went to my doctor and started on Lamasil. I took it every day for over 3 months, but the results were slow and it made me feel like crap so I quit. I tried your system with low expectations and to my surprise… you delivered!

-Jake, Portland, OR


I've had toenail fungus as long as I can remember.  I tried to ignore it, but I could always tell people noticed and it drove me crazy. I also tried a bunch of those home remedies, but I could never tell if it was really doing anything. Luckily I found your site and now FINALLY my nail fungus is gone.

-Christine, Ft Lauderdale, FL

So if you’re ready to quit playing around with silly home remedies and expensive snake oil products, give my system a shot. It’s guaranteed!

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To Healthy Beautiful Nails,

Emily Allenson
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